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Friday, 18 January 2019
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1/16" x 55yrds

$ 13.95

America's famous paper crepe tape is single coated 1/18",it is stabilized with a lacquer edge for exact color seperation in curves,lines and uneven surfaces. It will curve a line around a five cent piece ready for spraying. It is both solvent basecoat and water-based basecoat friendly, eg: Auto-Air Colors, Auto-Borne Colors and Wicked Colors.





$ 13.05


$ 16.35


$ 18.25


K-UTG Gold is an extremely thin and flexible tape suitable and excellent to use with water-based paints such as Auto-Air Colors / Wicked Colors and illustration Colors. It is a semi-translucent tape can be lifted and repositioned without leaving residue. Great for airbrushing, two toning / detailing and even working on uneven surface such as in custom woodwork. Plus, it's UV resistant....




$ 22.75


$ 23.50


$ 29.40

Scotch® 471 Series BLUE Plastic Fine Line Tape
Uniquely constructed, vinyl backed tape for outstanding paint line definition. The most flexible and conformable, it provides masking protection for complex curved lines, sharp curves, irregularly shaped panels, over rivets and into seams.


$ 7.60


$ 8.30


$ 9.45


$ 10.10




$ 26.10

  Artool Mini Strechmask size is 6"x 10yrdsStretchmask is a multi-medium, stretchable and flexible repositionable masking film. It is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular surfaces such as motorcycle tanks, helmets and automotive shapes for painting.

6" x 10 Yrds


  Artool Strechmask size is 18" x 25 Yrds Stretchmask is a multi-medium, stretchable and flexible repositionable masking film. It is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular surfaces such as motorcycle tanks, helmets and automotive shapes for painting. It is clear, thin film that cuts very easily with any brand of art knife or single-edged razor and can be effortlessly manipulated and repositioned with your artwork always in view.

18" x 25 Yrds




5 mtrs

x 610mm

$ 42.50


x 610mm

$ 80.00


x 610mm

$ 154.00

Blue Sigmask is designed to have either lettering or graphics cut out by a plotter ( or hand cut ), pick out the areas you wish to apply paint then place a piece of Automask over the top to pick up the image off the release linner and apply to your paintable surface. Used by professionals for 2 decades for crisp lettering and graphics. Perfect to use also as a frisket film @ 610mm Wide ( 24" )



Medium tack application tape is great for Automotive graphics or as a pickup tape for sign gaphic vinyls, paper surface for drawing applications and adhesive backed, leaves no glue behind and once squeeged down with a 3m applicator , paint doesn't bleed underneath if properly put down. Each roll is 91mtrs long and used to even block out unpainted areas or simply cut and spray through. Also used to apply sign vinyls and signmask film. Works with both solvent basecoats and water-based basecoats EG: Auto-Air Colors, Auto-Borne Colors and Wicked Colors

Sizes Listed Below

1" ( 25mm)

$ 5.20


2" ( 50mm)

$ 10.40


3" ( 75mm)

$ 14.80


4" ( 100mm)

$ 20.80


5" ( 125mm)

$ 24.00


6" ( 150mm)

$ 31.20


7" ( 178mm)

$ 33.90


8" ( 200mm)

$ 41.60


9" ( 228mm)

$ 43.10


10" ( 255mm)

$ 52.00


11" ( 280mm)

$ 55.50


12" ( 305mm)

$ 62.00


13" ( 330mm)

$ 66.50


14" ( 355mm)

$ 72.80


15" ( 381mm)

$ 75.10

16" ( 407mm)

$ 83.20

17" ( 432mm)

$ 87.10

18" ( 457mm)

$ 93.60

19" ( 483mm)

$ 97.10

20" ( 510mm)

$ 104.00

24" ( 610mm)

$ 124.00


Liquid Mask (waterbased)

1 Ltr

$ 61.50

This product is waterbased, apply a thick coat of approx 2-3mm with paint brush or 2mm spray gun, drys clear and touch dry in 1 hr unforced and ready for use at 4hrs. Excellent for helmets or rounded surface, cut your graphics and peel out in colour sequence. Having no adhesive means easy clean up and application, apply light coat of colour on the first two passes to seal the edges.

This Category is currently empty.

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Customer Projects

The images above were supplied by Denise Stephenson Custom Art

The aluminium sign panel was prepped and grinded to achieve a three dimensional effect. From here the image was mapped out with Auto-Air Colors transparent white, the water scene was completed using Auto-Air Colors transparent and two pack cleared to achieve the depth of the image to be brought forward.

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