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Monday, 05 December 2022
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Ripoff Report FALSE Read More... PDF Print E-mail

Visitors Comments

Ripoff Complaintant Apologizes

Airbrush Megastore Found Honest

Below is the update to Steve Cawley from United Kingdom, word for word, nothing has been tampered with.

We DO NOT short sell to any customer, proof is for all to see.

#2 Update By Author


AUTHOR: Steve - cardiff (United Kingdom)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

POSTED: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Would like to take this opportunity to let everybody know (specifically all airbrush artists

"World wide") that Steve and Airbrush Megastore in Adelaide, Australia are completely genuine,honest and respectable suppliers of Airbrush equipment.

Since my report on a mini paint mixer that I purchased, I have communicated with Steve at

Airbrush Megastore and now I regret that I didn't contact him back sooner. I will also admit

that I acted a little hastily in the beginning and should of calmed down.

I would like to apologise to Steve at Airbrush Megastore for my hasty report, as I now realise

that he would of resolved the situation earlier if I had contacted him soon after my complaint

to talk it through more thoroughly and calmly.

Steve has since, sent me a replacement mini paint mixer, and very kindly sent me an

IWATA airbrush with some dvd's. thank you Steve.

When I first found the Airbrush Megastore website I was very impressed with the Airbrush

equipment and paint they supply, they sell that I couldn't find in the Uk.

They sell top brand items at affordable prices and postage costs are low too.

I am happy to be able to buy from them again,and would recommend Airbrush Megastore to

anyone. thank you for reading this report. Steve Cawley










Customer Projects




The artworks were painted in the Createx Colors paint systems by various artists.






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